Thoughts of A Single Twenty-something


“Perfectly Lonely”

I am 29 and still without a significant someone in my life. I don’t belong to anyone, and nobody belongs to me. I am proposed with all types of questions: When are you going to get married? Are you happy? Are you lonely?  Especially when I go to weddings, there is always one person who comes up to me and says those famous words: “You’re next.” I keep a running tab of who’s told me that, and when I see them at a funeral, my phrase to them is “You’re next.” The looks on their faces are priceless. But the more I think about all of those questions, I just want to shout, “I’M PERFECTLY LONELY,” not because I want to be single all of my life but because I want to make sure that I find the one that is perfect for me.

I have waited 29 years to get it right. I’m not going to waste that by getting it wrong just because everyone else is or because I have come to a point in my life where I have become desperate to be in a relationship.  I would rather spend my life perfectly lonely than to make a rushed decision to cure the lonely part of my life and find out I waited all of these years to get it right and then in a moment of ignorance, loneliness, and desperation, I get it wrong because I’m looking to cure a moment’s need with a lifetime commitment. The moment you settle for less than you are worth, you will obtain even less than you settled for.

I have been thinking a lot about relationships. I look around and see people getting in and out of relationships. I see Facebook statuses going from “Single” to “In a relationship” to “It’s complicated” and back to “Single” in a 72-hour span. One time, I was in a relationship that was almost just as quick. I think we made it 75 hours. It seems as though some people’s relationships keep them on an emotional rollercoaster all the time. People often get into relationships that will, in time, be detrimental to their lives, but it is more important to them to have a significant someone by their side than to have the right someone with them. The caretaker of your heart is the most important occupation anyone will ever fill.  So sort through your applications carefully and choose the right one because you can only hire once, no replacing!

Most people long for that significant someone to fill the void in their life that only God can fill, so they spend so much of their life worshiping at the altar of romantic completion, but the void can only be filled with Jesus Christ himself.

I am content with letting God write my love story and keeping my hand off the ink-horn because I know the story will have a much happier ending if he’s the author of the love story.


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8 Responses to Thoughts of A Single Twenty-something

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  2. leahlindeman says:

    It is encouraging to know that you are content in this circumstance. God is your all-suffiency. He knows best.

  3. After reading your first paragraph I have John Mayer’s ‘Perfectly Lonely’ in my head now.
    Great post!

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  5. Great thoughts. Love the inspiration, man. Good insight for the rest of us college grads.

    I love the funeral phrase too. Hahaha!

  6. Faith Tidmore says:

    I get this. Awesome message.

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