I Have A Dream


Hi Everybody,

Here’s the thing. I hope you have a dream.

Dreams are weird things. A couple of days ago I had a dream and was awaken by the LSU Fight song to (my alarm, of course), and I remember thinking as I woke up, “My dream wasn’t finished, I gotta get back to sleep and finish it!” So I promptly laid my head back down to rest and finished my dream(My Wife hates that I can go straight back to sleep). It wasn’t even super important or anything, but it’s funny how dreams have that sort of effect on you.

Dreams are the types of things (whether daydream, night dream, or life dream) that can evoke a lot of emotion from ourselves. We can be excited or happy or sad or frustrated with whatever dreams we come across. I know people who have woken up from dreams in their sleep and were crying or laughing, and I know people who have attempted to follow a dream in their life based on their goals or something important to them to have somewhat of the same effect. Extreme joy or extreme sorrow.

Dreams just sort of do that to us.

And I want you to think about this today, what type of effect is your dream having on your life? Not your sleepy dream, but your life dream. What effect does it have on you going through your daily life, the way you interact with people, what you look to achieve in life, how do your dreams affect your reality?

Today we remember and celebrate a great dreamer in Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. I have always had the highest respect for this man since learning about him at home & school. Dr King’s dream’s affected his reality. So much so that when he had chances to share his dreams with other people he did. When he had the opportunity to speak in front of thousands, he shared his dream. He stood up for his dream, and his memory lasts largely because his life was devoted to fighting for…you guessed it…his dream.

We see another great dreamer in the bible in Genesis chapter 37. Joseph had God-given dreams that literally no one understood or wanted to understand. In his dreams, everyone was bowing down to him. And since he was like number 11 of 12 in the family, none of the 11 brothers in front of him saw him succeeding over any of them…so they sold him into slavery to try to get rid of him, his favoritism with their father, and his dreams. But when God places dreams in your life, crazy things happen. Joseph was a slave and a prisoner (due to many crazy circumstances) but God was always with him, and he ended up being second in command to Pharoah over all of Egypt which led to his brothers eventually bowing down to him to ask him for food (not knowing who it was at the time).

God is the orchestrator of the impossible in our lives. He’s the engineer of dreams, and I hope this year that you’re searching out what He has for you. If you have a dream, chase it. Believe it. Pray for guidance and let your dreams be a part of who you are!

Take some chances, let’s dream together. Have a great week! 




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