Take Out Your Trash!

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Hi Everyone,

One of my weekly chores around the house is to take out the trash.  We have a couple of cute bathroom trash cans along with the standard kitchen trash can. Like most people trash is collected every week in my neighborhood. A large truck appears early in the morning and my trash is whisked away to a place that I know not of.

One thing that I have recognized in my 7 1/2 years of ministry is that the majority of believers do not take out their “trash” regularly.  Contrary to popular belief, trash in and of itself is not a bag thing.  It is a by product of living life.  Trash is an indication that life is being lived and things are being consumed.  That’s actually a good sign.  It only becomes bad when we don’t have a place to put it.  You wouldn’t believe how much spiritual, emotional, relational, and psychological trash builds up in people.

When your trash is not taken out regularly toxins build up and start to fill your environment with scents that not even a skunk would love.  The stench of fear, frustration, bitterness, lust, pride, greed, rebellion, and unbelief permeate your home, workplace, relationships, and spiritual life in ways that begin to make you and those around you sick. TAKE OUT YOUR TRASH!

Most people don’t take out their REAL trash for two reasons: 1. Trust 2. Perception. Yep. That’s it. Who can I trust?  Will you still see me the same?  Will you still respect me?  Will it stay between us?  The enemy(Satan) would love to make you believe the lie that if you share your heart they will break your heart.  Establishing trust involves risk.  There is no way around it.  But what alternative do you have?  If you don’t take out your trash your trash will take you out.  You will become toxic.

My solution: Dare to deepen the relationship you have with your spouse, family member, dear friend, mentor. I take out my trash weekly.  Sometimes DAILY.  I don’t want my life to stink.  God created us to walk in relationships that will allow us to live out our best life in Him.

Finally, taking out your trash doesn’t mean everything will be fixed.  It just means everything doesn’t build up!  There will be more.  Remember: Trash is normal! You got a little drama in your life?  Relationship problems?  Spiritual attacks?  It’s a good sign you are LIVING!  Enjoy the life, take out the trash.

Have a great week!



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