Thoughts of a Free Teen

Free Teen“I’m free! I’ve walked away. It was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do, but I feel so liberated. When I was at Church Camp this summer I remember being told that the friends I have back home will make a huge difference as to whether or not I’ll live for Christ back home. How true this statement is. I wasn’t able to walk away from my friends when I first got home, and soon I found myself falling back into my old ways. And then last week I felt this heavy conviction to make new friends. Scariest thing ever! But I knew if I wanted to walk my faith out I had to do it. My old friends think I’ll be back in no time drinking and smoking again. And my new friends, well there is only two of them, but they’re both really sweet. And I’ve decided it’s better to have one or two friends that will encourage me in my walk, than have lots of friends that push me down destructive paths! It feels so good to be free from the peer pressure of my old friends!”

Free, Female, Age 17

Every Week here at MattsLid I try to post thoughts that I receive from different teenagers/twenty-somethings. A place where hearts are heard, stories are shared, and people are just being real with where they’re at! I receive these thoughts via e-mail (  As it will be always the name of the individual will remain confidential. Do you have something to contribute? Share your Story!


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