Blessed Beyond Imagination…

There really is no greater joy in my life than the love I find from my family. It is magical at our home…I like to say that it is “illegally fun”.  I am not saying it is perfect…we certainly have our struggles, but for the most part…we have a stinkin’ blast. As some of you may know we had our second baby girl this past Saturday. Her name is Amiyah Lee Smith and she  arrived at 12:34 in the morning. Amiyah is Healthy, Beautiful, Amazing, Stunning, and she has a head full of hair! Amiyah’s birth weight was 8lbs, 10oz, and she measured 21in. We are so thankful for a safe delivery & healthy baby girl(Picture Below)!!! We are Blessed Beyond Imagination!!! Our daughters will be the message that will be sent to generations that we will never meet. Lets face it none of us deserve to be parents but God chooses us to parent his children! WOW! This is why I take being a Daddy so seriously!

After the birth of Amiyah I want to tell you how awesome My Wife is! (bear with me here..its fixing to be a little sappy..) I am married to the best mom on the planet. She is the most gentle-patient-selfless-righteous lady that I have ever met. There is none like her…she is in a class of her own.  She owns every part of my heart, and the only one that has the exclusive rights.  Athena has helped shape me as a man more than any person on earth.  My children are a direct representation of her character.  The crazy thing about my bride is that I will inevitably find more beauty tomorrow. I don’t deserve her and I can’t imagine ever living without her. Simply put… I am BLESSED BEYOND IMAGINATION!

Are you taking yourself to seriously? What are some practical things you could do to make your life more fun?


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3 Responses to Blessed Beyond Imagination…

  1. debbie smith says:

    happy to see you are so happy! i knew you would find happiness. you were always so humble and kind. love your two beautiful girls.

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