5 Things You Should Know Going Back to School

5  Things You Should Know Going Back to School

Hello Everyone, 

Summer time is over and it’s time to go back to school. All over America Parents are celebrating as their kids start a new school year and they reclaim their homes.  As we all know, going back to school is usually a pretty exciting time of the year. We are able to connect with old friends and meet new ones.  Students will make sure to have their unofficial First Day Of School Supplies: 1) Cellphone. 2) Charger 3) Headphones 4) iPod 5) Snacks 6)Money.

In my 29 years of sucking air on this earth I’ve learned that the only difference between middle school, high school, and college students is height and body odor intensity.  Which leads me to the 5 Things that I would like to share with Students who are going Back to School. 

1) Don’t worry about your popularity. 

We live in a society where people check their email constantly, maybe 100 times a day?  They look at their twitter constantly to see if their tweets have been retweeted or favorited.  Some even keep a log of how many “likes” their Facebook status & Instagram posts get, and compare them to averages of other people’s. This is how many try to confirm that that they are good enough, smart enough, and that people like me.

Striving for popularity is a waste of time. Don’t worry about being popular, just do what God wants you to do. Many times being popular means that you are conforming to the standards around you in order to be accepted by others. Conformity is a current popular trend within today’s Youth. So many are easily taken by the culture. This is the time to standout and be the difference.

2) You’re Going to Mess Up.

You read it right. You are going to mess up at some point this school year. If your lungs are BREATHING you will never be SINLESS but if your mind is RENEWING you should SIN LESS! I know how it works….Before you sin Satan says “It’s no big deal!” “Nobody will know!” “It’s just this one time!” Afterwards he says “This is so big, you can never be forgiven” Both are lies. 

The main thing to remember is that when you do mess up there is a God who wants to forgive you and help you overcome that mess your in.  You just need to ask Him. When it comes to sin, don’t keep brushing away the cobwebs. Squash the spider.  In other words, don’t play with sin.

3) Don’t go from one relationship to another! 

I could write a book on this point but I will keep it short. The longer you wait to begin dating, the more likely you are to have focused on defining yourself, your personality, & your values. Dating & relationships are an important part of life, but they aren’t supposed to be ALL your life. If you apply this I promise you will save yourself a lot of heartache and drama. God can help you lose the drama. Trust me, drama is not a good look.

4)Remember why your going to school. TO LEARN!

Seems simple right. Many times this is the last reason why students go to school. I beg you to remember these 2 rules in school: 1) You are there to learn 2) Don’t do anything to keep you or anyone else from learning.


Whether you in College, JH, or HS make sure you are connected to a local Church. One of the most radical, counter-cultural, rebellious things you can do in America today is join a Christian Church and commit your life to the pursuit of holiness as described in the Bible. Students, your ABSENCE speaks as loudly as your presence. When you’re not at Church, it CRUSHES your influence with those that need you most!!! Make Church a priority.

What if going to school was WAY BIGGER than just getting educated. I know that was my 4th point but I am convinced that God wants to use Students and He wants to use you now. Students, you can create change in your school. You can be the hill-set city that burns brightest in the dark!!! 

God doesn’t expect you to be perfect. Don’t be afraid to show your brokenness to God. I pray that you would begin to see what God sees in you. There is beauty in brokenness. There is healing in brokenness. Because in your brokenness, Jesus shines.

You never know when or where God’s going to want to work through you to reach out to someone in your school. Don’t waste this year. So many students wish they could rewind & leave a faith legacy in their schools. You get ONE shot. No do-overs!!! It’s time to Lead NOW. 

Don’t know where to start? Here are some great ways to get involved. 

College Student: Campus Ministry International

High School Student/Middle School Student: Project 7 Bible Clubs (P7 Missionaries)

Have a great week and a welcome back to school!




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