Happy Birthday Baby Girl (aka Makenna)

Happy Birthday

Six years ago today Makenna entered our life. It was an amazing day, with amazing memories. These last 6 years have gone by as fast as everyone said they would. It’s been like holding on to sand… you try so hard but time slips away.

Five was a good year to her. She has finished Kindergarten. She is learning like crazy. She got baptized. She had her tonsils removed. She has a lot of friends. She became a big sister and is in love with her little sister, Amiyah.

To celebrate I thought it would be appropriate to share six things that are awesome about Makenna.

  1. She is beautiful but not in a girly, make-up, gotta have the best of everything kind of way.
  2. Imagination flows out of every pour of her body.
  3. Like her mom, she is a reader. We have every gadget a kid could want– and yet a trip to the library is the best adventure we can offer.
  4. Her face is hilariously expressive. Her mom is the queen of dirty looks. I am pretty good at making funny faces. But Makenna is insanely good at making all sorts of faces and expressions.
  5. Her smile is contagious. If you see her smiling you just want to smile with her.
  6. She knows more about Dinosaurs than you do about anything else. It’s almost unreal.

Turning six is a big deal. As I look forward to the next 12 months for her I can foresee a lot of changes, a lot of exploration, and a lot more learning. Makenna is just about the sweetest kid you’ll ever meet.  I love her so much.

Six years? Oh, the things she can do now. She has steadily changed from a little baby girl to my big girl. As I think about this year and the 4 years to come I wonder about what she’ll be like at 10 years old. There are so many things I can’t wait to see… but like every other parent… I just want to hold on. Happy Birthday Baby Girl! 


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