Car Wash Remix


It’s that time of year again! Camps and big youth trips usually happen in the summer time. I love just about everything that comes with summertime… except for the crazy high temps, people not wearing enough clothes, & fundraisers. If you’re like me & you have a group of students who are excited about Camps & big youth trips but when you tell them the cost they give you every kind of excuse of why they can’t have the money. I have done fundraiser all my life and I will tell you raising money is not easy. I’ve done them all bake sale, chocolate covered strawberrys, flowers, pizza cards, candy bars, car washes, auction, garage sale, flamingo thing and the list could go on and on.

Many times countless hours would be spent and only a couple hundred bucks would be raised to be spread out to a group of students which barely touched the overall cost. Well… I came across a neat fundraiser last year around Christmas time and I wish I knew where I first saw it because I would give them the credit but it’s such a good idea I figured I’d share it with you.

Ever heard of a Car Wash-A-Thon?

No, most of us have conducted a normal car wash and you might spend around 4-6 hours washing cars and if people are generous you might receive $5-$10 a car. I’ve even had my students pre-sell tickets for $10 or $15. After 6 hours, if you had a good day, you will earn about $500 to split between your 15 students who want to go to summer camp or the next big youth trip. All of this time and hard work will cut the cost of the trip or camp by $30 a student.


With a car wash-a-thon you take the same car wash and instead of saving $30 a student, you can cover the cost of camp and a big youth trip. Here’s  how it works.

1) Set up a time and date and do a car wash.

2) Every kid gets sponsors from family and friends per car washed.

3) Make it totally free to those who pass by, wash your car, your students car, anybody’s car. Just wash as many cars as possible.

4) Send students and their parents out to collect the cash from the sponsors.

If you have your 15 students commit to getting 25 people to sponsor each car washed at a $1 a car, then every car is now worth $15 instead of $5. And those 25+ cars just brought in $625 per student, and a total of $9,375( 15 Students x $625). YES PLEASE!!  Below is a sample sponsorship form that I created and will be using in a few weeks.

Car Wash A Thon Spredsheet


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One Response to Car Wash Remix

  1. Tracy says:

    Matt, this is a fantastic idea! We are going on 2 trips this summer (VBS trip to Dallas, leaving Thursday) and World Changers mission trip to Sugar Hill, GA in July. We are struggling to come up with the funds, but this idea is going to help so much! 🙂 Thanks for the post! Bless you, brother!

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