Thoughts of A Teen Who Is Loved

Thoughts of A Teen

I grew up in a Christian home was homeschooled for 10 years did the whole church thing. However just last month I learned just how much God loves me. And that He does in fact love me. He loved me despite the fact I gave my self scars. And He loved me so much that He came to die for me! He saved me when I needed to be saved the most, He pursued me when I felt I least deserved Him, He loved me even when I felt no one could, and He die even when I was deep in my sin. Amazing love amazing grace.

I Am Loved Female- Age 17

*Every Week here at MattsLid I try to post thoughts that I receive from different teenagers/twenty-somethings. A place where hearts are heard, stories are shared, and people are just being real with where they’re at! I receive these thoughts via e-mail (  As it will be always the name of the individual will remain confidential. Do you have something to contribute? Share your Story!


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