For Athena On Our 6th Wedding Anniversary


Today 6 years ago, I married my wife. I like to mark the day and give thanks. Please indulge a grateful husband. It’s comforting to know that after 6 years into marriage that I am married to the woman God ordained for me to be within His perfect will. Seeing my Wife walk down the aisle brought the tears out of a brother. There is nothing like the feeling that went through my mind at that particular moment when the doors of the church opened. God has been good to us. Life has not always been easy. But we did not expect it to be. We don’t expect it now.

God has given us two magnificent children! I use the word “magnificent” carefully. You will understand, perhaps, what it is to look at your own children and feel a sense of wonder. I am still learning how to love. I will spend my life attempting to express God’s incredible love for my Wife by my actions. I won’t do it as great as God, but I’ll try.

Love is a full time job with NO days off. In order for it to properly grow, we have to nourish it daily with God, prayer, selflessness, affirmation, honesty, quality time, and TWO people willing to understand how to communicate with each other better on a regular basis. When you have TWO people with pure motives who go out of their way to affirm love for one other, expect something everlasting & beautiful.

I’ve learned that love will turn a good man into a great & purpose filled man, while turning a woman who may have given up on love into a beautiful help-meet.  When you FIND the right woman or get FOUND by the right man, embrace them, and don’t do anything to jeopardize what God has blessed you with.

We have set ourselves some new patterns of being in the Word more together as a couple in 2013 so that we can press on with this discipline. Pray for us and join us. We are eager to see what God has for our 6th year of “growing in the grace and knowledge of Christ” (2 Peter 3:18). I thank God for Athena Marie Smith and for these years with all my heart.


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