How to Plan a Youth Series


I love preaching, I love teaching, but I LOVE planning ministry.  It hasn’t always been like that but this is something that I have become passionate about. Starting off in Student Ministry I was a terrible planner & each month I that I didn’t plan I did a disservice to my students & myself. After about 6 months I realized that praying and trusting God did not mean that research and planning were not necessary.  I still have a lot to learn about planning but I wanted to give a free resource to my fellow Student Pastors. So here is a free template on “How to Plan a Youth Series”!  This is nothing fancy and the concept isn’t new but this template will prove to be very helpful in your next series planning. Leave a comment below if this has been helpful! Are there any tools that you use in the Series Planning process? If so, what are they?(Comment below)

How to Plan a Youth Series (PDF)

How to Plan a Youth Series (Word)


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  1. Thanks for this awesome template.

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