Thoughts of a Blah Blah Teen

blahblahblah2-300x225“Blah, Blah, Blah, and some more Blah. That’s all I hear all day long. From my teachers, my coaches, and even my parents. Just a bunch of blah. How about instead of filling my ears with a bunch of blah they start filling my heart with, “How are you?” “What’s going on in your world?”. No, heaven forbid they do that and actually show that they care or have the time for a 16 year old. Maybe all their words wouldn’t sound like blah if I felt like they actually cared. Don’t they understand? We need relationships, not more information. I’m tired of being told what to do, what to learn, and how to act. I’m not stupid. What I long for, what I need is a relationship with someone older that actually cares enough about me to invest into my personal well being. A mentor-type if you will. It seems as if mentors are impossible to find, they are either too busy, too far removed and don’t know how to relate, or don’t care. But I’m not dumb, I know I need a mentor, a relationship where I can be real and grow. I don’t need anymore Blah!”

Blah, Male-Age 16    

*Every Wednesday here at MattsLid I will post thoughts that I receive from different teenagers/twenty-somethings. A place where hearts are heard, stories are shared, and people are just being real with where they’re at! I receive these thoughts via e-mail ( The following was an e-mail I received this past week. As it will be always the name of the individual will remain confidential. If you would like to Share YOUR Story please e-mail me or go here!*


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