MORE Than A Conqueror


Have you noticed how hard it is to find just plain dish washing liquid anymore? How about detergent? Even bleach. You can’t even buy just plain bleach anymore. Everything today is Ultra. New Tide Ultra or Ultra Clorox bleach. Everything is new and improved-better than the original-which was quite good in its own respect. In Romans 8:18-39, Paul shows the Christian how to become not just your plain ordinary, everyday conqueror but instead Paul shows how we can become “MORE than Conquerors.”

There are some things in life we cannot change. We say we can’t do anything about the weather and perhaps this is so, but we can do things to make it easier to live with the weather we have. When it’s cold, we can put on a coat. When it rains, we can get a raincoat or a  umbrella. These things don’t change the weather, but they enable us to survive and carry on our activities. Jesus recognized this in His intercessory prayer for His disciples recorded in John 17:15 when He said, “My prayer is not that you take them out of the world but that you protect them from the evil one.

Romans 8 indicates Christians must live in the mist of trials and sorrow, but they needn’t be overcome by them. We can be more than conquerors because we belong to God. Our challenges are called “these things” and include a comprehensive list: trouble(pressure that burdens the spirit or stress), hardship(literally a “narrow place” or the world closing in on you), persecution(pursuit by the enemy or opposition), famine(deep physical need with no relief in sight), peril(danger threatening one’s very life), and the sword(violence and dissension). These things do happen to God’s people. Paul quotes Psalms 44:22 to show God’s people have always been subject to these things. 

We don’t need the Bible to tell us we have problems. We need it to tell us God knows and cares. We have all known Christians who suffered terrible disasters, but the greatest danger is not in being hurt or killed, but in being separated from God. To be separated from God is to be separated from the very source of life and happiness. Job is a great example of suffering. He lost everything he had except his connection to God and that brought him through all his disasters. As a young man I am learning that trials will expose what you set your hope in.

In all out distresses, we need to center our focus on Jesus. He will get us through because He gives us hope of glory and the soul will triumph as long as there is hope of a better future. God has enough great things in store for us to make us forget all the suffering and tribulation of this life. It seems God allows sorrow and suffering in this world so we would hope for something better and turn to Him. Since God went so far to give His own begotten flesh, we know He will not allow us to lack for anything else. He promises to live within us, intercede for us, and raise us from the dead! So God promises overwhelming victory through faith. Romans 8:38-39 lists the most powerful ideas and forces we could face in this life and YET they are powerless against the love of God for His children. Not trouble, not Hardship, NOTHING, NADA, ZILCH, ZERO, ZIPPO, NOTHING! No matter what comes our way, WE ARE MORE THAN CONQUERORS THROUGH CHRIST!!!

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3 Responses to MORE Than A Conqueror

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  2. christine says:

    i av liked this scripture and am more knowledgable that there is being a ordinary conqueror and there is being more than a conqueror

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