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2013 marks another BCS National Championship for the Alabama Crimson Tide(Congrats Tide Fans) but more importantly 2013 marks my fourteenth year as a born again believer in Jesus Christ. I have learned a lot in the last 14 years. One thing I have noticed is that the Lord has never had a problem blessing me.

The blessing has never been the problem, keeping it has. I can’t even count how many times in the last 14 years when God has blessed me with something that I couldn’t ultimately keep because of lack of character and integrity. If it was compared to a football game God’s hand off was perfect(even better than AJ McCarron handing it off to his running back Eddie Lacy), but I’ve fumbled it so many times. His “alley-oop” was impeccable, but I would fail to complete the assist. We(You and I) blame God (and the devil for that matter) way too many times for things that WE are solely responsible for.

The majority of Christians conveniently toss blame to “spiritual warfare”, “people being jealous of the anointing on their life”, or some other random reason as to why they can’t sustain what God bestows. Can we just be honest, the real reason why we fail to maintain what God blesses us with is because we lack discipline. We(You and I) lack the discipline to make the right decisions day in and day out that would sustain and perpetuate God’s blessings.

Yes, I do believe in spiritual warfare and yes, I do believe there are seasons of testing. I am aware that through no fault of our own we can sometimes find ourselves in a season when truly it feels as if “all hell is breaking loose”. But I also believe that we can sabotage our success by failing to live up to our side of the covenant. Hear me clearly friends….GOD IS NOT AN “INDIAN GIVER”. He gave His word that He would bless, but we must be willing to keep our word to steward what He has blessed us with.

In 2013Today let’s make a decision to steward every blessing God has given us with character and integrity. Rather its relationships, money, our work, our free time, our family, whatever! You and I will not become keepers of God’s gifts by accident. We must be intentional and if we can make the decision to live with a strong sense of character and integrity, God’s blessing won’t be a problem and keeping it won’t be an issue.

I know this is off topic but I would like to wish Rebecca Golston(my Mother-in-law) a very Happy Birthday today! I am completely thankful she gave birth to my Wife! Amen!

Love you all,



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