What is MattsLid?

matts_lid225.jpgWell we all know that a lid is something you use to prevent something from spilling, or use to keep things sealed. But on this blog I hope to crack open the lid, to allow things to spill out as I wrestle with faith, things we can do to impact change, and to never stop dreaming. The L.I.D. actually stands for Leadership, Inspiration, and Dreaming. Three things that I am extremely passionate about.

I believe that everyone has the potential to be a great leader within the context of their own community. Leadership does not require being loud, popular, genius, or powerful, as a matter of fact a closer look into the Gospel and we will see leadership was the exact opposite of these attributes. I also believe that if we stop inspiring & stop being inspired we will lose our saltiness and became stale to a world that is constantly needing inspiration. And last but not least I believe in the power of Dreams, God-shaped dreams. Dreams that are guaranteed to fail unless God decides to act on behalf of them. If our dreams aren’t that big then we don’t think they are worth chasing. God is not limited to our limitations. We’re free to Dream Bigger, Love Deeper & Pray Audaciously! 

Starting in 2013 I will be adding  “Your Story” to this blog.  This will be a place where Teens & Young Adults can submit their story anonymously.  It will be a place where hearts are heard, stories are shared, and people are just being real with where they’re at!  If you have a thought, please email me MattsLid@gmail.com or click HERE. There will be a new post every Wednesday. Well now that you have been informed on what this site is about I hope you all had a great holiday season and I truly wish you all God’s blessings for 2013!   

Love you all,



About MattsLid

Disciple of Jesus|Husband| Father|Student Pastor|LA boy@♥|Tweeting Fire daily thats hotter than corduroy underwear|Sports Enthusiast|Unfinished work in progress
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One Response to What is MattsLid?

  1. Leaetta Odglen says:

    Thank you so much. So so much. Last night was a rough one, this was perfect to wake up to.

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