It Doesn’t FEEL like Christmas at All!

So This Is Christmas

“It doesn’t fee like Christmas” is a commonly heard statement during this time of year. Since we are in the Christmas season, we all presume we will somehow be feeling something different. Maybe our feelings have betrayed us because we have a totally wrong perception of what Christmas is really  about.

The Christmas songs that we hear try to project us into a place that doesn’t exist- at least in Alabama. We hear “I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas” and feel that somehow if our Christmas was white with snow, we would have the Christmas feeling. Well, if you live in Alabama, keep dreaming. It won’t be snow; it will be mud.  “Dashing through the snow in a one horse open sleigh” is another refrain that we use to give us that Christmas feeling. But what is a one-horse open sleigh? What is snow? It is not a one-horse open sleigh out in the front yard: instead it might be a old Ford with a bad motor. “Chestnuts roasting in an open fire”. What’s a chestnut and where can I get some? And does anyone have an open fire? And so it sure doesn’t feel or look like Christmas.

But Christmas has never been a season, or a place, or a feeling. Christmas is about a Gift- the best gift ever given to humanity. TWEET THIS!  “Unto you is born this night in the city of David, a Savior” was the bold declaration by the angels. The Messiah is come! The Christ is come! God did something absolutely stunning when He entered the human stream as a baby in order to become our Savior. Christmas is the celebration of His coming into our world.  The truth is, I’m Herod who doesn’t want my kingdom invaded by the newborn King. My flesh wars, but He took over nonetheless. TWEET THIS!

Jesus came, not in spite of our problems, but because of our problems. TWEET THIS!  The angels could have declared Him to be the miracle worker or the healer. But no, He came as the Savior. Why? Because that is what humanity needed the most from God – a Savior. And so, as we celebrate Christmas, we really celebrate the receiving of Him! We celebrate His spirit! We celebrate the freedom that comes from being in Him! We celebrate the hope that we have!  We celebrate His spirit of giving! We celebrate Jesus! I know this cliché is old, but it is still relevant. Jesus is still the reason for the season. He’s the reason for every season. Matter of fact He’s the reason we even have seasons! TWEET THIS!  He is the Christmas feeling you are looking for!

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2 Responses to It Doesn’t FEEL like Christmas at All!

  1. Lara says:

    Amen! Very well said! May we always remember that for a child of the King, Christmas is every day!!! Love you, Athena, Makenna & Little!!!

    • MattsLid says:

      Indeed! Thanks Laura for taking the time to read the post! The Smith Family loves you guys too! Maybe 2013 we will make a trip to Arkansas. Merry Christmas to you guys!

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