Death of Me….

Death Of MeHi Everyone,

First I just want to say thank you for taking the time to read my blog.  Last week I posted my first blog and it had over a 100 views in a day. I don’t find my worth in numbers, its not about the views but I am humbled and honored.  In this Christmas season I find myself walking through a really interesting area of life right now and I find no other way to get through it than as a dead man. I understand the title may come across a little cold and morbid, but it’s the only way to properly describe how I am navigating through this season.

Of course the dying I speak of has zero to do with physical and everything to do with self. Dying. To. Self. It is so much easier said than done. Just think about the little things like: “I’m going to clean the living room so I can put  up the Christmas Tree this weekend” or “I am going to hit the gym and lose 15 pounds before the New Year”. These are things that we recognize and that we commit to of our own choice and still can’t bring ourselves or self to do it. Now imagine that it’s not the living room that needs to be cleaned up or the few pounds that need to be shed, but its the soul that needs to be cleansed and the sinful habits that need to be dropped.

NEWSFLASH: We can’t fix ourselves. I’m not talking about a tummy tuck, face lift, dyed hair, teeth bleaching “fix”, I’m talking about a real transforming inner working that no scalpel can reach. When we die to our self we allow Jesus to not simply influence our lives, but control our lives. Control is something that we NEVER want to give up, but it’s always the first thing we NEED to give over. It is a sacrifice to give over control of our life everyday.

While attending college my home church became The Pentecostals of Alexandria and I had the opportunity to hear Bishop G.A. Mangun preach several times. There are sermons that I still remember but over all the sermons I can still hear his voice echoing in my head saying,  “EVERYDAY”! The Apostle Paul refers to it as being a “living sacrifice” (Romans 12:1). Day after day we make the same decision, the same way, every time: “Not my will, Yours be done”.  So how do we do this?  

With will power this can’t be done, this can only be done through the power of the Holy Ghost! Dying starts with giving. Give your will/ your plans/ your life/your all today.

 Share this and have a blessed week!

Love you all,



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